Advocacy For Coloradans Approaching Divorce

A marital breakdown can be a very disorienting experience. It also brings questions that must be answered and decisions that must be made.

Key Questions To Explore And Address

  • How should each party prepare for the divorce?
  • If there is a prenuptial agreement, is it enforceable or might it be successfully challenged?
  • How will marital property be divided?
  • Is alimony or spousal maintenance applicable?
  • What child custody arrangements will best serve the best interests of children while protecting each parent's rights?

These and related questions require careful review. An initial consultation with a family law attorney at Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., can provide valuable insights. Develop a plan of action with the experienced guidance of lawyer Andrew D. Haas that will take into account all the major factors that present themselves.

When Stakes Are High

In the case of a high-asset divorce, how will retirement accounts, business interests and real estate investments be allocated? What is fair alimony for someone who has been dependent on a spouse throughout a long-term marriage? In the case of a highly contested divorce, will mediation suffice or is the divorce headed for trial? Mr. Haas often serves as a family law mediator, and this experience enhances his effectiveness in advising all clients headed for divorce.

What About A Do-It-Yourself Divorce?

Some individuals or couples seek an attorney's review of documents to proceed with uncontested divorces largely on their own. Mr. Haas can evaluate your case and determine whether your Colorado divorce is truly uncontested and, if so, what is the most economical and expedient way to proceed.

Dissolution Of Domestic Partnerships Of Opposite-Gender And Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex marriage is relatively new in Colorado. Quite a few same-sex couples have lived interdependent lives in domestic partnerships. Some have entered into designated beneficiary agreements or civil unions. Heterosexual couples also sometimes live as if they were married, without ever formalizing a marriage. Despite the lack of a marriage certificate, issues involved in divorce often apply to cohabiting couples in the process of splitting up.

Contact Our Golden Law Firm For Advice And Advocacy Through Your Colorado Divorce Or Civil Union Dissolution

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