Mediation - Andrew Haas

I've been volunteering as a mediator at Jefferson County Mediation Services for some time now. I have been mediating family law cases involving child support and parenting time disputes. What I have found in working as a mediator (which is not any different than I suspected from my work as an attorney) is that almost every case boils down to the same problem: People simply do not communicate effectively with one another.

Once I can help them to start communicating (and listening) with one another, they seem to be able to work out some, if not all, of their disputes. Approximately 90 percent of the cases I have mediated have settled. Sometimes it is difficult to get the parties to see past their anger, but once they start to look at things reasonably, they are able to meet halfway. That is the challenge. Mediating has been an eye-opening experience for me so far, and I hope to be able to increase my work in this field in the coming years.

Mediation And Arbitration - Jon Bradley

As a trained and experienced mediator and arbitrator, I have helped numerous Colorado businesses and individuals resolve their differences out of court. My goal as the neutral third party is to help the parties work toward a settlement or judgment that both sides can accept, while also saving them much of the time and expense associated with trial.

Continuing Legal Education 40-hour Mediation Training Program - Andrew Haas

In January 2014, I participated in the Continuing Legal Education 40-hour Mediation Training program through the Colorado Bar Association. The course lasted five days and provided a complete overview of mediation, including specific training and exercises necessary to mediate cases effectively. I had participated in a mediation clinic in law school at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York City, and this course provided a necessary refresher in the techniques for mediation that I had originally put to use in that law school clinic.

Through that clinic, I volunteered as a mediator for a neighborhood dispute resolution organization in Brooklyn, New York. I will now be specializing in domestic relations (family law) mediation and I am available to schedule mediations at a reasonable hourly rate. I am looking forward to implementing this new area of practice, so just call the office to schedule your mediation.