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Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., has built a reputation through honesty, hard work and a track record of reliable service to countless satisfied clients. The firm’s clients include new and established businesses, as well as individuals looking for counsel and representation in family law, personal injury, estate planning, probate, construction, banking and business law concerns.

Clear communication and strong attorney-client collaboration are at the heart of our law practice. Clients’ questions and concerns are important and deserve careful consideration and thoughtful, timely answers. Our law office environment is welcoming and comfortable. We practice efficiency in all that we do, since we value our clients’ time and appreciate their investment in our services.

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Legal Services Offered

Located in Golden, Colorado, the firm includes a talented and dedicated team of attorneys. These lawyers adeptly handle a variety of civil matters, including divorce and child custody; car accidents; real estate transactions and litigation; construction law; wills, trusts and probate; banking; and business formation and commercial litigation.

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Inquiries and initial consultations receive our close attention. From our initial meetings, we want our clients to take clear ideas about our best recommendations and the next best steps toward resolution of their legal matters. We also want to make sure that each client and attorney working together on critical legal matters are suitably matched.

Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., welcomes your inquiry. Call 303-552-2615 to request a consultation on your legal matter.