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How can I show that my orthopedic surgeon was negligent?

If you have recently had surgery for an orthopedic injury, you will have depended on the success of that surgery in order to live a life free of pain. You may have needed the surgery to improve mobility or to engage in sports again.

Therefore, if the surgery did not go as planned, you will be feeling extremely disheartened. It may mean that you still cannot go to work, and are, therefore, losing income. In addition, it is likely that your quality of life is severely limited, and you may be dependent on a cane or a wheelchair for the foreseeable future.

If millennials are getting prenups, then should I?

The beginning of a relationship can be a special time. It can even last several years as you both go through a courting process, getting to know each other and then make plans for the future. There can be a lot of excitement during this time as you solidify a life together. Once a marriage is planned you may be wondering about a prenuptial agreement but may be afraid that bringing it up might put into question your dedication to the marriage.

If you do feel this way, you are most likely not part of the younger generation. While many individuals over 35 may take pause in considering a prenuptial agreement, millennials seem to be the ones who understand its benefits and importance.

How to stay calm in a child custody battle

If you have recently separated in the state of Colorado, it is possible that you will have found yourself in the middle of a child custody battle. This can occur for many reasons. Often the tension and the circumstances around the separation can mean that the two people cannot amicably agree on anything, including on child custody arrangements.

It is important that you place your focus on the way in which you react to the situation since this is completely within your realm of control. It may feel frustrating to deal with the animosity of your former partner. However, by being the more mature person, you can help to mitigate some conflict.

Why do cities use zoning systems?

You buy a piece of property to start your own business. You hire a construction company to start the project. However, that whole project quickly grinds to a halt when you find out that your property is not zoned for the type of business you want to start.

Zoning may seem simple. You have residential zones for houses and commercial zones for businesses. It gets more complex, though. Certain commercial areas may only be zoned for specific types of businesses -- light industry, for instance, or food service. An area may be zoned for mixed-use buildings that can be used for multiple purposes.

3 questions to ask if you're considering disinheriting a child

Disinheriting a child is a huge step to take. It means cutting that person entirely out of your will. They get nothing.

This is not something you should ever do lightly. There are situations when it may be the best decision for your family, but you must carefully consider it before acting. Never do it rashly or on impulse. If you're thinking about it at all, here are three questions to ask first:

Early snows cause numerous accidents in Colorado

Snow fell in the middle of October in Colorado, and it led to a string of car accidents. One multi-vehicle wreck occurred close to Golden.

Reports indicate that slick roads posed a major threat, with vehicles sliding out of control and sometimes leaving the roadway entirely. In one accident, a tractor-trailer slid off and people got hurt in the ensuing crash. When a vehicle that heavy loses control, it is very dangerous for everyone else on the road.

Motorcycle safety tips for the fall

Colorado is a beautiful state, especially in the fall. Motorcyclists such as yourself may be eager to get out on your bike to take a scenic tour before the winter weather hits.

Unfortunately, there are many risks that motorcyclists are vulnerable to when fall arrives. According to the most recent Colorado Department of Transportation crash statistics, there were nearly 500 motorcyclist fatalities in one year.

Don't fall into the trap of distracted driving

Have you ever been in the car with a distracted driver? It is a bit unnerving, isn't it? The person keeps looking away from the road, engaging in plenty of nondriving activities that make you wonder just how safe you really are.

People often do not realize the danger they are putting themselves and others in when they do this. Multitasking is just such a big part of our world. People feel like it is natural and safe. Any driving instructor will tell you that that is not the case at all.

4 red flags that may mean divorce is on the horizon

Are you wondering if your spouse is going to file for divorce? Perhaps the relationship just has not felt the same to you lately, and you have a feeling that your spouse is thinking about ending it. What are some red flags you should look out for?

1. No communication

How common is it for drivers to illegally pass school buses?

With school starting up, school buses are once again a very common sight out on Colorado’s roads. There are various special rules related to driving near school buses. This includes rules regarding not passing school buses that have their red lights flashing and their stop arms out. It is critical for motorists to follow these rules. Unfortunately, recently released survey results indicate that it might be pretty common for U.S. drivers to fall short in this respect.

The survey was a one-day survey conducted during last school year. In the survey, over 100,000 school bus drivers reported on whether they had been illegally passed during the day. These drivers were from 38 states and Washington D.C.

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