4 red flags that may mean divorce is on the horizon

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Family Law

Are you wondering if your spouse is going to file for divorce? Perhaps the relationship just has not felt the same to you lately, and you have a feeling that your spouse is thinking about ending it. What are some red flags you should look out for?

1. No communication

This is often known as stonewalling, and it happens when your spouse refuses to talk to you about important issues. He or she shuts down any time you have a disagreement.

2. Excessive negative interactions

All couples disagree on occasion. When you really need to worry is when it seems like every conversation is a negative interaction. If the two of you can’t talk about simple things with making the situation worse and escalating tensions, the relationship could be beyond repair.

3. Avoidance behavior

It’s not that you have to spend all of your time together, but it’s a red flag if your spouse starts actively trying to avoid you. If your spouse starts spending more time out with friends or makes excuses to get away, divorce could be coming.

4. Behavioral changes

Little changes in behavior could show you that your spouse is starting to withdraw and perhaps consider ending the relationship. Look for changes in things that have been routines — especially involving events you did together — for as long as you’ve been married. Why does your spouse suddenly not want to be involved anymore?

These four indicators can let you know that you’re getting closer to divorce. Whether your spouse is the one who files the papers or you are, make sure that you fully understand the legal process.