Motorcycle safety tips for the fall

Colorado is a beautiful state, especially in the fall. Motorcyclists such as yourself may be eager to get out on your bike to take a scenic tour before the winter weather hits.

Unfortunately, there are many risks that motorcyclists are vulnerable to when fall arrives. According to the most recent Colorado Department of Transportation crash statistics, there were nearly 500 motorcyclist fatalities in one year.


Heavy rain can prove problematic for any driver but can be extremely dangerous for motorcyclists. Wet pavement can severely compromise your wheel’s traction, leading to nasty accidents. On top of this, if the rain is heavy enough, the rain may obscure your visibility while riding, causing you to not see an obstacle in your path.


As fall progresses, darkness appears earlier in the day, which can prove problematic if you are riding on your motorcycle. Night riding limits your visibility. The probability of hitting an obstacle or a drunk driver hitting you are also increased, as these types of accidents are higher when it is dark.


When leaves fall into the road and get wet, it can be really dangerous for those riding motorcycles due to the slippery nature of wet leaves. Taking a sharp turn on a road filled with leaves can cause a wipe out.


Especially in rural areas, deer running or walking into the road can be a cause for concern for motorcyclists. Deer cause many car crashes, but often the driver is unharmed as the deer rolls off the windshield. When a motorcyclist hits a deer, it can be fatal, as there is nothing significant for the deer to hit except the driver.

Motorcycle accidents are alarming and often fatal, and one should avoid them at all costs. Watching out for the hazards listed above and avoiding them when you can may save you from an accident.