Can mediation be advantageous for construction disputes?

If you are having issues with a dispute or disagreement in regard to a construction project, you may be wondering how to effectively move forward to get the result that you want. Filing a lawsuit is always an option, but this can be very stressful, expensive and can take a great deal of time.

This is why many people who want to resolve a construction related dispute like to choose alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve an issue. ADR can come in the form of mediation, and it is a way to resolve a conflict while avoiding a lawsuit. If you want to learn more about mediation for construction disputes, it is a good idea to consider the advantages and how they would apply to your situation.

Why can mediation be better than litigation?

Mediation helps the parties reach a compromise in a dispute. Instead of pitching the two parties against each other, mediation can allow them to gain a full understanding of the events that led up to the dispute, the miscommunications that were made and the common ground that the two parties share. In many cases, both parties had good intentions for the successful completion of the project, but miscommunication or unforeseeable factors led to problems. Mediation can help parties gain a clear view of the situation and find a fair way to move forward.

Mediation can be a great way for you to efficiently resolve a construction dispute so that you can move forward with your life. Make sure that you understand the way in which the law works in Colorado to help make your decision.