4 symptoms to watch out for after a car accident

Sometimes in the chaos after a car accident in Colorado, you may not realize just how injured you are. There are even some injuries that do not show up right away. In any case, after you have been in an accident, you need to pay attention to your body and watch for signs that something is wrong.

It is important that you know what to watch for. Indications of common accident injuries sometimes may not appear for a few days or even weeks. Others are mild and may not seem like a problem at first but can turn into a serious health issue. Here are four symptoms that you want to be aware of and not ignore if they happen to you.

  1. Numbness

The Mayo Clinic explains that any feelings of numbness could indicate a serious injury. Numbness can hide pain, which means that you could be very hurt and not even know it. Any numbness needs checked out by a medical professional.

  1. Neck pain

It is very common for pain of any kind to not happen right away after an accident. It can sometimes take days for pain to show up. If you have been in an accident and start feeling pain within the weeks following it, see a doctor. This is especially true of neck pain, which can indicate a spinal injury.

  1. Redness

If you notice redness on any part of your body, it may be more than a bruise forming. It could indicate a deeper injury. Any unexplained redness after an accident, especially if accompanied by tenderness, is a sign of a more serious problem.

  1. Headache

Any headache after an accident is worth checking out. It could be a sign of a concussion or other head, neck or spinal injury.

Paying attention to your body in the days following an accident is essential to pick up on cues that something serious may be wrong. You do not want to miss the symptoms of an injury or dismiss them and have to deal with complications later.