Motorized scooter riders at risk of head injuries

Motorized scooters are a popular mode of transportation in Colorado. While these electronic scooters may be a fun way to travel through the city, they do pose a risk for riders. It is rare for riders to wear helmets. As a result, it makes them vulnerable to head injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study among 200 scooter riders in Austin, Texas. It found that approximately 15% of e-scooter riders suffered from traumatic brain injuries in 2018. The most common injuries involve abrasions, lacerations and fractures to the head. All the injuries included the upper and lower limbs. The report cited that it is likely that wearing helmets may help prevent head and brain injuries, according to Kaiser Health News.

The report also identified two major factors involved in these scooter-related accidents. Approximately 10% of the injuries were due to e-scooters colliding with vehicles. However, speed was the main cause of most collisions. In general, the maximum speed for motorized scooters is 15 mph. Even though this is a relatively low rate of speed, it still makes riders susceptible to crashes and serious injuries. This problem gets compounded because e-scooter companies do not provide riders with helmets unless they request them. One reason these companies do not make helmets readily available with scooter rentals is that most states do not make helmets mandatory.

According to CBS 4 News, Colorado does not require e-scooter riders to wear helmets. One lawmaker has expressed concerns about the dangers of motorized scooters. He has introduced an E-scooter Law to make it mandatory for scooter riders to wear helmets. Currently, the legislation does not have enough support to make it law.