Are drowsy drivers putting you at risk?

When drivers in Colorado hit the road, the last thing you expect is to get into a crash. Even though we all know the risk exists, it is hard to imagine it happening to us. Unfortunately, with an uptick in drowsy driving cases, the chance you may get involved in a crash goes up as well. 

Drowsy driving in particular has been on the rise lately. This could be for many reasons. For example, many workers have difficult shifts that do not allow them enough time to rest before coming back in. Many also work overtime. This cuts into valuable sleep time. As they cannot call out of work due to feeling tired, they persevere and drive even when they should not. 

Drowsy drivers put everyone at risk. Drowsy driving is a type of distracted driving. Like texting while driving or driving under the influence, it can have a severe impact on the driver’s capabilities. They may find themselves: 

  • Having trouble concentrating 
  • Suffering from slower reflexes 
  • Being unable to predict or react to dangers 
  • Falling asleep at the wheel 

Even if a driver does not fall asleep, they may be so distracted and drowsy that their concentration levels are just as low. This can lead to collisions where a driver cannot make any attempt to slow or stop. 

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