Colorado crash injures multiple children, kills 1

Car accidents that involve injury or death are particularly tragic, especially if the victims are children. Authorities are investigating such a crash on Highway 50 in Colorado that occurred last Friday night. The crash involved three young boys, ages 2, 5 and 6, who were passengers in the vehicle at the time.

For reasons not yet determined, the southbound vehicle rolled onto its passenger side after running off the roadway on the left. The 2-year-old and 5-year-old boys sustained minor injuries for which they received medical treatment following transportation to the hospital. However, the third boy, a 6-year-old, died at the scene. As the vehicle rolled over, he became pinned underneath following his ejection therefrom. Authorities determined that he had had no restraints at the time of the crash.

A 26-year-old woman, another passenger in the vehicle, also sustained minor injuries in the accident. The driver was a 26-year-old man who was not hurt. The relationship among the five occupants of the vehicle is not certain. It is also not clear whether the other two children had had any restraints.

Authorities believe that drugs and alcohol may have been factors in the crash. Pending further investigation, they intend to bring criminal charges against the driver. If they believe that he irresponsibly put children in danger, the eventual charges may be even more severe.

When people have sustained injuries in car accidents, criminal charges are not the only possible penalty. It is also possible to bring a civil action against the responsible party in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. Those interested in pursuing this course may wish to speak with an attorney.