How do traumatic brain injuries affect personality

Victims in Colorado who get involved in accidents may suffer from injury as well. The head is a common area of injury. Today we will look at traumatic brain injuries in particular. These injuries, also known as TBIs, have severe impacts on the lives of sufferers.

Mayo Clinic lists out the symptoms associated with TBIs. Many of these symptoms have to do with your physical and mental well-being. But sometimes, the mental effect of TBIs can impact a person’s personality. For example, many people damage the frontal lobe in accidents. This is the area of the brain responsible for self-restraint and regulation. Without it, victims are not able to control their impulses as well. This often leads to a victim acting out.

Increases in temper and irritability are also common. Victims tend to lash out at loved ones due to their inability to manage their own frustration. They may feel frustration over any number of things. This includes memory problems or physical disabilities. This may manifest in tantrums, outbursts or fits of extreme and unstable emotion. The recovery process is often slow and wrought with hurdles. TBI sufferers are often not equipped to handle the emotional turmoil in the same way they could before.

It is important for loved ones of TBI victims to understand these symptoms. Seeing a loved one lash out without warning is often jarring and frightening. It can discourage people from approaching the victim or trying to help. But what they need now is support, care and understanding. Having an understanding presence has the potential to help.