Less traffic does not mean safer roads

You may think that when there are fewer vehicles on the road, the roads will be safer. However, this belief is not necessarily true. In fact, less traffic may entice drivers to take greater risks, putting their fellow travelers in danger.

Increased speeding citations

The Colorado State Patrol issued more speeding tickets to drivers traveling 40 or more miles above the speed limit in March than were issued in January or February. This is notable because traffic in Colorado was down 60% over the last four weeks of March. While an increase in speeding citations does not mean that traffic accidents have also increased, the dangers of excessive speeding are well-known and include:

  • A greater likelihood of losing control of your vehicle
  • A likelihood of suffering more severe injuries than a crash at a lower speed
  • Reduced effectiveness of automobile safety equipment
  • Increased stopping distance

Motor vehicle accidents lead to significant costs. There are immediate expenses, such as having to replace your automobile, and more long-term costs, such as ongoing medical treatment and lost wages. You may wish to seek assistance if you are concerned that a settlement offer does not consider the full extent of your damages.

Taking safety precautions

You may not be able to control the behavior of other drivers on the road. However, you can take steps to limit your risk of being involved in a serious accident.

If you are driving in the left lane and a vehicle wishes to pass, move over to the right when it is safe to do so. Try to provide yourself with as much space as you can between you and the reckless driver. This gives you more time to react if the speeding driver loses control.

If a driver is behaving aggressively, remain calm. Use your judgment to safely allow for ample room to move away from the other vehicle.

Remain attentive even when there are fewer cars on the road

When there is less traffic on the road, it can be easy to let your guard down. However, evidence shows that some drivers will continue to act recklessly. Keep your eyes on the road and take every precaution you can to help avoid a serious car accident.