Alleged road rage results in driver causing motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists and drivers of passenger vehicles are expected to share the Colorado roads and do so safely. Accidents are sometimes unavoidable and motorcyclists are naturally vulnerable to severe injuries and fatalities. In some cases, however, there are other issues at play such as a driver behaving recklessly and even getting so angry on the road that they seem to cause a collision on purpose. This can be a vital factor when an injured motorcyclist needs medical care, surgery and misses time at work due to the crash and they are seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Road rage may have sparked crash

Motorcyclists were riding on a Colorado road when a pickup truck swerved into one rider’s path. The rider was hit and seriously injured. Another driver who was not involved in the incident had a dash cam that recorded it. Initial assessments of the accident indicate that it was done on purpose. Prior to the collision, the bike and the pickup were in the same lane and the pickup was forced to slow for the riders.

The pickup was seen going across the lanes. It then hesitated and turned into the injured rider. The motorcyclist, a 54-year-old man, hit the concrete barrier on the interstate and rolled. Emergency services were called and the man was taken to the hospital. His injuries were said to be serious with a fractured skull, fractures to his face, and a broken ankle. The male driver of the pickup, 38, fled, but was caught. The rider was released from the hospital and returned to his home in Michigan, but is still recovering from his serious injuries.

A legal claim may help cover medical expenses and more

Motorcycle riders are not granted the same level of protection that people inside a motor vehicle are. When they are in an accident, that can lead to major injuries and loss of life. The medical bills can be enormous even if the rider makes a full recovery. Work can be difficult and their entire future could be altered. When there is a motorcycle crash, it is imperative to consider the future and think about a legal filing to be compensated. This is especially true if, as in this case, it may have been done intentionally. People who have suffered personal injury – even if they live outside of Colorado – should consult with experienced legal professionals in the state to consider a lawsuit to recover for what they have lost.