Head-on collision claims lives of two victims

A head-on collision on a State Highway 2 in the greater Denver area left two people dead. One of the victims was a police officer who worked for Commerce City. It was not clear if he was on duty at the time of the accident.

The two victims of the accident were traveling the same direction in separate vehicles Authorities say that another driver, who was traveling in the opposite direction, ran off the road.

In the process of trying to get back on the road, the driver went into the oncoming traffic. He struck the police officer’s car, and unmarked SUV cruiser, head on. He also managed to strike the driver’s side of the other victim’s Kia.

Both of the man’s victims died at the scene of the accident. The man himself suffered serious injuries, and rescuers took him to the hospital.

Victims deserve compensation after drunk driving accidents

Although the investigation continues, police said that they suspect that both alcohol and excessive speed contributed to this accident. This news is no doubt frustrating since people have been told for years that drinking and driving frequently leads to fatal accidents.

In this case, two families lost loved ones in what seems like an entirely preventable tragedy. At least one if not both victims were also wage earners, meaning that their families are left dealing with bills from the accident without a source of support they were counting on.

Even if the police officer who died is able to receive workers’ compensation benefits, it is difficult to calculate the extent of the family’s non-economic loss, including their emotional distress and grief associated with losing their loved ones.

Finally, because drunk driving is so serious, justice may well demand that the court also assess punitive damages, although this will depend on the facts and circumstances of the case.

The victims in this case may wish to pursue these types of compensation through an appropriate legal action.