Are Bicyclists At Greater Risk Of Serious Injury?

Not every roadway is made to accommodate bicyclists. Those that commute via bike or use it as their primary means of recreation understand the dangers that motor vehicles pose to their safety. Some drivers see bicyclists as a nuisance and will attempt to pass them even in risky situations. Reckless and distracted driving poses a constant threat to the safety of bicyclists. Bike riders need to acquaint themselves with the causes for many of these scenarios.

Understanding the risk assessment

Cell phone use has led to an established precedent for distracted driving accidents. Given this common danger, the chance that a distracted driver will notice a bicyclist sharing the road is not very likely. Bike riders need to be aware that cars often do not notice their presence on the road. Here are some common causes of this significant risk to bikes:

  • Reduced visibility: Bicyclists may not be as visible to motorists as other cars. Reflective materials, lights and bright colors can go a long way to making yourself visible to drivers.
  • Fast roads: Though the speed limit may not always be a good indicator of determining the likelihood of a crash, studies show that reducing the speed limit can lessen the chance of having a fatal injury.
  • Less protection: No matter how much protection a bicyclist has on, they simply can’t compete with the mass and velocity of a motor vehicle. Those struck by cars are much more likely to suffer a severe bone fracture or a traumatic head injury.

The road to recovery

After a serious injury, the rehabilitation necessary could mean years, if not a lifetime, of medical treatment and physical therapy. The cost of this treatment can mean ongoing financial challenges. Those who have been injured need to pursue all their options for receiving necessary compensation.