Distracted driving a prominent danger in Colorado auto accidents

Research and statistics are important factors in trying to improve safety on the Colorado roadways. Part of that is understanding what dangerous behaviors can contribute to an auto accident with injuries and fatalities. People who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a collision should be cognizant of how it happened and why. This can be a crucial aspect of a successful legal filing to recover compensation for all that was lost. Recently, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) released the results of a survey regarding driver behaviors.

Distracted driving is widespread and causes risk across the state

Nearly 900 people were asked about their behaviors when driving. That included distraction, wearing a seat belt, adhering to speed limits, and driving under the influence. These issues are viewed as stemming from the current health crisis as there are fewer people on the road overall. According to CDOT, nine out of 10 people had driven while distracted in the previous week.

Distracted driving goes beyond using a device behind the wheel. People who eat and drink is a common cause of distraction and it happens in nearly one-third of the distracted driving incidents. Sixty-nine percent disagreed with the premise that they could drive safely after consuming alcohol. Fewer disagreed with the idea that they could drive safely after using cannabis. Drivers’ tendency to speed was found to correlate with the speed limit. If it was a road with a higher speed limit, they drove beyond it.

Auto accidents can lead to long-term challenges

When there is a car crash, people can be confronted with a litany of potentially life-altering issues. That may include physical, financial, personal and psychological challenges. The need for medical care can result in exorbitant medical bills that might be ongoing. A person could be limited in what he or she can do for work or may not be able to work at all. A home life could be drastically changed. The family could be negatively impacted too with needing to care for a loved one or trying to get beyond an unexpected fatality.

This survey shows the potential risks on the road. When there is an accident, a legal filing might be necessary to recover compensation for all that was lost. Calling a legal firm experienced in personal injury cases can provide guidance and advice on how to proceed with a claim.