Colorado divorce rate was down, but is expected to rise in 2021

In Colorado, divorce statistics can be a guide as to how many people are choosing to end a marriage. However, the numbers can be impacted by various events. In 2020 for example, the ongoing health crisis is believed to have played a role in the decline in divorce filings. This has resulted in the belief that there will be a spike in filings in 2021. While divorce is not always the answer, those who are considering it or intend to move forward should be prepared from the start.

2020 had the fewest Colorado divorces in five years

According to 2020 judicial statistics, the state had the lowest number of divorce filings in five years with just shy of 22,600 such cases. In 2016, there were slightly less than 25,300. In addition, legal separations reduced from 946 in 2019 to 811 in 2020. Experts believe that the pandemic contributed to that reduction and will play a role in the rate rising in 2021. A substantial part of that is the need for people to spend more time together because they were working from home and other activities were stopped. While some grew closer, others realized they were unhappy in the relationship or are incompatible.

Stress and tension that was previously hidden slowly revealed itself. People who work as therapists and in family law have noticed an incremental increase in divorce cases. Financial considerations are also factoring in amid the job loss, medical expenses and other money-related challenges that have come up since the health problem worsened. The lack of clarity as to what the future held caused people to stay in their current situation and wait. Courts have changed their protocol to account for the pandemic and this is delaying cases being heard and resolved. With substantial assets or couples in dispute about child custody and support, it can delay it even further lending credence to the concept of people waiting for a return to relative normalcy in 2021 before they file.

Gathering information and having representation may be key

When thinking about divorce, there are many concerns that must be addressed. With family law, this includes property division, spousal maintenance, child custody, child support and more. The health crisis has been difficult in many ways, not the least of which is the strain it has placed on family relationships. If the situation has reached a critical point and divorce is possible, having legal advice can help. Contacting experienced professionals can give guidance on how to proceed.