What types of lawsuits are common for construction companies?

There are many different construction projects that occur in Colorado every year. There are small home construction projects, massive projects involving large campuses or multi-story office or residential buildings and many different sized jobs in between. These construction projects can be very complex involving many subcontractors and suppliers for the materials needed for the jobs. The general contractors and subcontractors rely on each other to do their respective jobs and everyone needs to rely on the suppliers. Ultimately though everything needs to work together to ensure the customer receives what they expect.

With all of the moving parts and various workers involved in these projects, it is important that the various companies and people involved in the project have well-written contracts that determine each party’s responsibilities. However, no matter how well a contract is written, construction disputes can arise between the customers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Common types of construction disputes

While there are many different disputes that can arise, some types of disputes are more common than others. One is disputes over the scope of the work. A contract may state generally what will be done, but the general contractor and customer may have different interpretations in their minds about how the project should be completed or what the final product should look like. Scope of work disputes can also develop between contractors and subcontractors. Another dispute that can arise is over substitutions of subcontractors. There are also disputes that arise over construction defects due to poor workmanship or supplies.

There can be many different companies and people involved in construction projects. Mistakes can be made by one of the people involved or there may be poor communication between the various people and companies involved in the project. This can lead to disputes over both if something went wrong and who is responsible for the defect or problem. Experienced attorneys understand these complicated construction disputes and may be able to guide one through the process.