Visibility and the problem of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are useful modes of transportation for Colorado residents and those who drive through the state. Many individuals use them to commute to work and to enjoy recreational time on the road. Motorcycles are unique and different from standard vehicles, and drivers often must take safety precautions to keep themselves out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately, not all motor vehicle drivers plan ahead for how to safely drive with motorcycles. Because of this, some drivers fail to see motorcycles and their riders, and their oversights can result in accidents. Visibility is an issue that can lead to crashes with motorcycles, and drivers can take steps to ensure they are aware of all others, including motorcycles, when they are operating their automobiles.


One reason that motorcycles are missed on roads is their size. They are much smaller than standard vehicles and can be obscured by large trucks and cars, as well as roadway signage. Because motorcycles are small, drivers sometimes miss them in their lines of vision and collide with them.

Visual recognition

In addition to size, visual recognition is an issue that can lead to motorcycle accidents. Visual recognition refers to the practice of an individual to recognize what is in their environment. Unfortunately, motorcycles are not always a common part of the driving environment, and for this reason not all drivers have the recognition ability to pick them out when they are on the roads.

Blind spots

Finally, the failure of drivers to check their blind spots contributes to accidents between motorcycles and cars. When a motorcycle is in a blind spot a driver cannot see it with their mirrors. The failure of drivers to turn their heads to check blind spots can result in motorcycle crashes.

There are many visibility issues that can contribute to accidents between cars and motorcycles. When drivers improve their visual intelligence, the lives and safety of motorcycle riders can be better protected.