Top causes of trucking accidents

Colorado’s winding road and highways through the Rocky Mountains can be challenging for truck drivers. This increases the chance of a truck accident, which can result in major injuries or fatalities for everyone involved. The unique nature of Colorado’s terrain aside, there are several factors that contribute to trucking accidents.

Distracted driving and speeding

Distracted driving and speeding are two of the main causes of truck accidents. Truck drivers, like the rest of us, are susceptible to distracted driving. This can mean using a phone or changing a radio station.

However, truck drivers must use special equipment when operating a truck and can become distracted if they try to adjust this equipment while driving. They also drive on unfamiliar routes, meaning they may check their GPS or maps more frequently than usual, which is another form of distracted driving.

With tight schedules and deadlines, truck drivers may engage in speeding to stay on schedule. This not only increases the chance of an accident, but the severity of any resulting injuries.

Driver fatigue and lack of maintenance

The stress of meeting a deadline also can also cause truck drivers to forego required break or rest times, leading to driving while fatigued. Operating a large, dangerous vehicle while tired means slower reaction times, which can cause an accident.

Truck maintenance through regular inspections is extremely important. Truck drivers who fail to properly inspect their trucks often end up driving with dangerous defects, such as faulty brakes or bad tires.

Holding negligent truck drivers accountable

While you should be cautious around trucks on the road, truck drivers have a legal duty to drive safely. Truck driver negligence causes numerous truck accidents each year, causing painful injuries that take a long time to heal and require expensive treatment.

Truck accident victims could benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney about a negligence claim. Successful claims could mean potential compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.