3 key types of construction defects

There are numerous ways to categorize construction defects. For example, patent defects are those that are immediately obvious, while latent defects are those that are hidden and may only come to light in the future. Latent defects in particular can be problematic, because they may not be discovered for years after a job has been completed.

But both latent and patent defects can be created in a few different ways. Below are three key types of construction defects to watch out for, although it’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list and there are other types that could occur, as well.

Poor workmanship

First off, you may encounter workmanship deficiencies. An example could be if a contractor doesn’t connect water pipes properly, one of the pipes leaks and this creates a significant amount of water damage in the ceiling or the walls. All of the parts and materials should’ve worked correctly, but they didn’t simply because the person who installed them made a mistake.

Material issues

On the other hand, perhaps a construction company actually does the job properly, but a leak or other failure occurs because the materials themselves were defective to begin with. An example of this could be a crack in a plastic pipe connector. Even if it is installed correctly, it may leak once water service is activated in that pipe.

Design deficiencies

Finally, there can be issues with the design of a home or building itself. Even if the workers on site did their jobs properly and used the best parts and materials on the market today, there can still be significant issues with a building if the design had inherent flaws. In some cases, these can go overlooked until construction is complete because the individuals who are doing the physical labor were not involved in the planning stage.

Again, these are not all of the ways that defects can be created, but it’s important to know that there can be quite a variety and that they can have a dramatic impact on the value of a particular property. Those who find themselves in this situation should take time to research all of the legal options at their disposal.