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Bradley Devitt Haas and Watkins, P.C. | Golden Lawyers
Bradley Devitt Haas and Watkins, P.C. | Golden Lawyers


Decades Of Experience In Business And Commercial Litigation

The attorneys at Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., have represented hundreds of clients in commercial disputes ranging from small mediated claims to multimillion-dollar lawsuits. Our lawyers average 30 years of experience, which has contributed to our strong reputation in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

We are prepared to evaluate any commercial dispute and devise the most cost-effective way to resolve it. We understand the importance of a business’s bottom line. It is not enough to win legally; a positive outcome will also preserve company assets to the greatest degree possible. Out-of-court settlements may be preferable; however, if we need to take a matter before a judge and jury, and a trial is likely to be worthwhile, we are well-prepared to do so.

Our attorneys bring extensive experience to the table when representing plaintiffs and defendants in commercial disputes, including:

  • Disputes between buyers and sellers of goods and services
  • Disputes between businesses
  • Breach of contract claims involving any private or public entity doing business with our clients
  • Advocacy on behalf of creditors and companies with interests in adversarial bankruptcy proceedings
  • Replevin actions

Clients also rely on our litigation experience to help create or review contracts designed to avoid disputes in the future.

Representation For Financial Institutions

Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., has extensive experience in advising banking and financial institutions. The lawyers at Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., provide a wide range of services, including advocacy related to defaulted loans and foreclosures. We also provide representation for banking and financial institutions in litigation, including collection matters.

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