Helping Employers With Severance Packages

Terminating an employee is not always a simple matter. Many workers are entitled to severance agreements that help them out financially until they get their next job.

Many employers choose to offer a severance agreement to departing employees to clearly delineate the rights of the employer and the employees and to protect the employer from future claims.

If you are an employer, proper planning can prevent disputes over severance agreements later on, and if properly crafted, they can help ensure that no other future claims may be asserted by the departing employee. The Golden, Colorado, law firm of Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., is here to provide your business with helpful advice related to your severance agreements.

Our commercial law attorneys have extensive experience with severance agreements. We can help you:

  • Draft severance packages
  • Review existing severance packages
  • Reach a fair agreement in severance negotiations
  • Address protection from future claims

Our knowledgeable, practical advice will help you make sure that your severance agreements are wise investments in your employees. Your business will be able to attract and retain the talent you need to thrive in Jefferson County.

Severance Agreement Advice For Employees

We also represent workers. As an employee, you need to know what you are giving up in exchange for a severance package. With one of our lawyers by your side, you will get the best severance agreement possible, without sacrificing the other benefits to which you might be entitled.

Let Us Help Protect Your Or Your Business

If you are seeking legal advice related to a severance agreement, contact Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., for detailed guidance that is tailored to your needs. Please call us at 303-552-2615 or contact us via email.

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