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New clients seeking estate planning services from Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., often contact our office to create a plan for how their assets will pass upon their death and to ensure their children are cared for. Creating an estate plan provides peace of mind to clients that their heirs inherit as they choose, their children are cared for by a loved one, and that disputes are avoided or minimized at the time of administration of a will or trust.

Estate planning involves more issues than wills and probate. A comprehensive estate plan is likely to include most or all of the following:

  • A simple or complex will
  • One or more trusts (such as a revocable living trust, a charitable remainder trust, a special needs trust or a generation-skipping trust), likely built into a will
  • Powers of attorney, such as medical power of attorney or durable power of attorney
  • Health care directive

With decades of experience practicing law in Golden, our law firm is well-equipped to help clients design and implement complete estate planning solutions. Our clients soon come to realize that estate planning is not about death. Rather, it is about prior arrangements that can save living family members and other beneficiaries vast sums of money as well as anguish and trouble. Estate planning helps improve financial security by keeping assets in the family and/or ensuring they are distributed to intended heirs.

Find The Plan That Fits Your Needs

As is appropriate, we offer targeted legal advice and help clients customize documents to meet their estate planning needs and goals. Our legal services go beyond estate planning basics, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to clients in various stages of life or clients with specific financial or practical concerns. Some examples are provided below:

  • For young parents, a will or trust should include an expression of preference regarding who would serve as a guardian or guardians of minor children should the parents pass away. While such statements are not ironclad guarantees of who would take custody of children after the death of the parents, they do carry weight in guardianship hearings.
  • For business owners, large or small, we advise on business succession plans and how those plans may intersect with provisions of a will or trust.
  • For individuals or couples with prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, we can help ensure that provisions of those agreements do not conflict with provisions of a will or trust.

We can assist clients who wish to customize wills and health care directives to include particulars, such as funeral and burial preferences, factors to consider during a medical crisis and other individual concerns. We also help clients avoid common estate planning mistakes that could slow down the probate process, create or exacerbate tax consequences, or increase the risk of estate litigation and disputes between surviving family members.

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The attorneys at Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., provide preliminary and comprehensive consultations. To schedule yours, call 303-552-2615 or contact us by email. Please ask for attorney Kelci (Sundahl) Straub. You may also wish to review our answers to some frequently asked questions about estate planning.

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