The Advantages Of Family Law Mediation

A divorce is a legal proceeding, which means that you and your spouse could end up in court, arguing before a judge over child custody rights and how to divide up your property. If this does not sound like how you want to end your marriage, there may be another option. From our office in Golden, Colorado, the law firm of Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., provides mediation services for people dealing with family law disputes.

Instead of the adversarial nature of court, divorce mediation gives you and your spouse the chance to work together to resolve important issues. It is a low-stress environment, instead of a cold and intimidating courtroom. Finally, mediation is often a much less expensive alternative to litigating your divorce or family law dispute.

Though mediation is not for everyone, if you and your spouse are still able to negotiate fairly, you may be able to settle your case in a way that both of you can accept. Many of our clients find that mediation is a more effective process that reduces feelings of resentment and helps them move on with their lives.

Mediation Works For All Family Law Matters

Attorneys Andrew Haas and Catherine Tieman serve as mediators for all family law disputes, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Post-decree modifications

In family mediation matters, one of our experienced attorneys serves as a neutral mediator. Instead of representing one party or the other, the lawyer’s job is to facilitate discussion and help both sides work toward a solution.

Learn More About Family Mediation

If you are considering mediation for your family law matter, contact our office to find out more about how the process can help you. We can be reached at 303-552-2615.

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Andrew D. Haas