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Bradley Devitt Haas and Watkins, P.C. | Golden Lawyers
Bradley Devitt Haas and Watkins, P.C. | Golden Lawyers


Developer-Related Legal Matters

Being a developer can be a rewarding career, but it often requires you to deal with a wide range of federal, state and local laws and regulations. The law firm of Bradley Devitt Haas & Watkins, P.C., helps developers navigate the tangle of real estate laws so that their projects can move forward. We serve all of the Denver metropolitan area, including Jefferson County, Golden and Littleton.

Zoning And Land Development

One of the most common issues Colorado developers must deal with is zoning regulations. These restrictions determine what kind of activity a piece of land can be used for, such as residential or commercial use. As your legal representatives, our attorneys will help your business determine the zoning restrictions on property you own or are considering purchasing. We will help you apply for variances to allow you to fulfill your vision.

Don’t let a major project get delayed or halted by regulatory problems or a building code dispute. Our lawyers will fight to keep your project moving forward, saving you time and money.

Protecting Your Interests In Litigation

There are many parties involved in most land development projects, which increases the chances of a dispute turning into litigation. Our attorneys have successfully represented numerous developers in court. We use our extensive knowledge of real estate law, combined with our skill at the negotiation table, to do everything possible to reach a positive settlement. When trial is the best option, we will build a strong case on your behalf.

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